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    Enjoy this story on our CEO and beauty expert Marcia Williams.   https://www.phillymag.com/news/2020/08/06/black-business-owners-beauty-health-wel...
  • Smile

    Smile and keep reinventing you!
  • The Movement of Black Lives Matter

      You may ask why it matters, or why now? I come from a diverse background where we are so mixed in ethnicity that color is not a conversation. How...
  • 2020 Is All About Exfoliating

    2020 has been full of uncertainty but one thing that has been at the forefront of our daily routine is skincare. We have spent approximately 110 d...
  • Rebirth Of Liquid Lipsticks and Lipglosses

      We are so excited to announce the Rebirth of our lipstick and lipgloss line! What is different might you ask? We have created this formula to be...
  • Skincare During A Pandemic!

    Skincare during a Pandemic   This pandemic has really made us super crazy about making sure things are cleaned in a whole new way. Now that it’s i...
  • A thought from the Founder

    We are heartbroken at the state of our community and this nation.
  • Reinventing You during a Pandemic

    Its been a long two months of constant change and uncertainty. We have all been bombarded with a change of pace due to a global pandemic. We have lost the opportunity to enjoy our weekly beauty endeavors. I have found that this time is so profound and I have found the beauty in it. Before the quarantine I was running from one client to the next neglecting myself at times. My schedule with my kids, family life and all of my projects was such a balancing act. Now is such a beautiful time to create and carve out me time. Here are some self care things to implement for your daily reinvent you process.
  • Saving The Best For Last

    Prestige's Women Entrepreneurs
  • End of Summer Pre-Sale

    We are all embracing the last of summer 2019. As we enjoy our family picnics, trips to the beach, amusement parks, and that last minute of quiet time to ourselves lets gear up for rebranding our look. Embellish Beauty is all set to launch our pre-sale for this fall season. Expect to see lots of richer, deeper, warmer tones. Check out our pre-sale of 4 new lipstick colors in our amazing liquid velvet formula, 4 new shades of our creamy ultra matte lipsticks, 4 new lipgloss shades and 4 of our creamy lip pencils.  Check out our latest feature in our liquid lipstick line. Our featured African goddess is rocking our newest color called "Relentless". It's our longwear velvet liquid matte.



     This African goddess is sporting our liquid lipstick in "Relentless"


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    Our Lipsticks are like Warpaint!