Finding the perfect lash can be challenging. We encourage you to take our quiz to find the perfect pair for your beautiful eyes. Every eye shape is unique and warrants the right fit. Once you have establishes the perfect lash, please follow the steps below to create the best long wear experience.

1) Measure the lash by placing the lash strip up-to your eye. If the lashes are slightly longer you should trim the end of the lash (vertical) to fit perfectly.

2) Grab your favorite mascara and work the mascara over your lashes for up to 2 minutes.

3) Apply our "POWER LINER" as close to the bed of the lashes as possible. Up to 2 coats is recommended.

4) Allow 8-12 seconds for the liner to dry. 

5) Apply the lashes directly onto the liner.


Our Lashes last up to 40 wears if handled with care.


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